Why Talk at the Top?

Have you noticed that most of the good news stories that transpire every day in the life sciences and healthcare environment are left untold? Across our TVs, mobile devices, and newspapers we get a steady diet of what is broken in our healthcare system, the scandal du jour, and the latest political dispute over the Affordable Care Act. I am not suggesting we put our heads in the sand and ignore the problems, but I do believe there is as much hope and positive news to report.

Through Talk at the Top, I want to give voice to stories of inspired leadership and acts of good corporate citizenship. My goal is to shine a light on the outstanding work that is being done in healthcare to impact the lives of patients, communities, minorities, and even nonprofits. There are many committed people and stories of hope – they just don’t make the headlines. I see it every day as an executive recruiter as I have the privilege of meeting and interviewing some of the brightest, most dedicated leaders working across the industry today. These are board members, executives, physicians, entrepreneurs, and scientists. They are striving to develop new and better cures, advance the quality of care, and drive down cost via innovative technologies and products.

I hope you will join me and keep abreast of what is working in healthcare by having a listen to Talk at the Top! If you have an inspired leadership story or an example of how your organization is making a difference in healthcare or life sciences, please send it to me at: nancy@talkatthetop.com.

About Nancy 

I am relentless when it comes to helping clients to identify and recruit the right leaders; why? Because leadership matters! Whether you are developing a new drug; integrating a large health system; or rolling out a new product or service; having a diverse and inspired leadership team at the top yields better outcomes for customers, patients, and shareholders. For nearly 20 years, I have been partnering with healthcare and life sciences clients to recruit the executive talent they need to achieve their strategic business goals. Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of working with some of the nation’s leaders in the industry, including Aetna, CIGNA, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, GE HealthCare, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer and UPMC.

In my early career, I co-founded and ran Corporate Health Systems, an employee wellness outsourcing company serving Fortune 500 clients, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company and GM. After a decade as an entrepreneur, I was recruited to develop population health programs for the managed care industry and I eventually sold my business as a going concern. I went on to hold leadership roles at United Health Care, Coventry Health Care, and KV Pharmaceutical/Lumara Health.

On the personal front, I am fortunate to have an incredibly supportive husband and three wonderful children; ages 12, 25, and 27. They are my raison d’etre. I am the youngest of seven siblings and our mother is a healthy 93-year-old! When I am not on the phone or an airplane, I can typically be found on a bike, a hike, or a yoga mat. I enjoy being outdoors and find nature to be the best therapy one can hope for.

To contact Nancy regarding executive search or for speaking engagements: ndonohoo@tylerandco.com  (314) 296-6208